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Van Eerd, L et al. "Soil health and management". In M. Krzic, F.L. Walley, A. Diochon, M.C. Paré, & R.E. Farrell (Eds.), Digging into Canadian soils: An introduction to soil science (pp. 463–517). Pinawa, MB: Canadian Society of Soil Science (2021).

Laura Van Eerd, Kate Congreves, Melissa Arcand, Yvonne Lawley, and Caroline Halde

On completion of this chapter, students will be able to:

Define the term “soil health” and understand its components
Compare methods for quantifying soil health
Explain the connection between improving soil health and the enhancement of ecosystem services
Identify threats to soil health that causes soil degradation, and how certain practices armour the soil against threats, support diversification or ‘perennialize’ annual cropping systems, and supply increased carbon inputs
Name the 6C practices of soil health management and explain how each contributes to improved soil health

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